No matter where your needs are along the talent life cycle, and whether you require a single resource, a team of resources, or if you’d prefer we run your entire talent acquisition process, our proven recruitment methodology streamlines your selection, onboarding, and retention of in-demand talent.
Optimizing the Talent Life Cycle
Understand We provide solutions that address the full talent life cycle. We seek to first understand and then solve unique customer problems at any stage of the talent life cycle.
Identify Technology, Healthcare IT, Digital, Professional, and Government skillsets are in high demand and are hard to find, but that is NO reason to compromise culture. In today’s market culture fit might be the most important driver in achieving your goals.
Attract We serve as ambassadors for your brand, whether it’s bringing to life your workplace culture, sharing your company’s awards and achievements, being a cheerleader for your company mission and values or describing what makes your environment uniquely attractive to your target talent. We know the importance of brand and we will represent yours with passion and care as if it’s our own.
Select Our RAPID® selection process guarantees that you see the 2 top candidates based on your requirements, not just anyone who is a match. We first ask for a clear picture of your start date, then schedule 2 interviews and one decision meeting in order to ensure an on time start. This allows you to make a direct candidate to candidate comparison of the best talent and ensure they are onboard on time and before your competition even has a shot.
Onboard We work with you to create a customized onboarding checklist and dedicate 1 member of our contractor advocate team as an expert in your onboarding process. This ensures that we’re able to execute screening, document management, and time and expense reporting, all in accordance with your formalized onboarding process. In essence… we act as your HR to both move quickly and control quality.
Manage & Measure How you choose to define success of your talent partners and business objectives is highly custom to your organization and initiatives and our goal is to listen, understand, and meet your needs. That may mean managing and measuring the recruitment process on a few KPIs or fully managing and measuring outcomes. We have the flexibility to bring as much or as little measurement as you need and want.
Hire Individuals We arm you to compete for today’s in-demand resources by deeply understanding your business, positioning you to attract and retain highly sought-after professionals, and treating your brand as if it’s our own. We deliver skilled professionals on a contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire basis. We fill positions 70% faster than the industry average through our RAPID® Selection Process.
  • 1 Understanding of Requirements
  • 2 1 Week to Identify Candidates
  • 3 Candidate 1 & 2 Interview
  • 4 Feedback & Decision Making
  • 5 2 Weeks Candidate Notice and Screening
  • 6 Start Date
Build Teams & Own Programs When you need to build a team of resources or a partner to take the entire hiring process off your plate, ettain group’s Managed Talent Acquisition Program is the proven solution that provides the confidence of knowing that top talent will be delivered every time, on time, and within budget – for all of your resource needs. We take on full ownership of the talent life cycle so that you don’t have to. We collaborate with you to define your needs across one or more departments and you manage the talent. We take care of the identification, attraction, execution of our proven RAPID® Selection Process, customized onboarding, and program oversight. This highly flexible program can be tailored to include premium value-added services across the talent lifecycle. Customers leveraging our Managed Talent Acquisition Program have filled 100% of their hiring needs in an average of 13 days.
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