Get significant benefits our of your data.
What if we tell you that we can help you do a quick POC to prove what you expect is possible with your BI tool?


An Organization churns huge amount of data that is waiting to be digested and used for decision-making. However, data follows garbage in, garbage out concept, which makes it important that the data you use to get insights should be trusted & real-time data. Insights gained out of irrelevant data could largely impact your company's future decisions,goals,missions,visions and market share. There could be vast gap in you effectively utilizing your setup.

Amtex Systems'holistic business intelligence solutions are designed to present the strategic and easily digestible snippets that are relevant enough to translate into actionable insights.


Decrease the IT dependency when it comes to data processing and visualization.Self Service BI has percolated at every levels of the organization making it possible for the end-user to get to insights with little IT knowledge. The BI Solutions are for everyone, and for every company,irrespective of the scale of business.


BI tools are making the information available to its users with just a click, making it east to visualize and comprehending the business flow for company efficency. But What if the data you're studying is not real time? A real time information access supports better decision making and enhance the operational effectiveness of organizational process.


They say half knowledge is dangerous thing, and we are using half baked data for your business decisions it will be a trouble. We take disparate data sources,consolidate them, and gain insights that would otherwise not be available.Proper your decision making with actionable insights and achieve new heights.


The empowered data creates a ripple that affects everyone in a business ecosystem.Understand your customers better and ensure that the products are delivered on time,manage your vendors for better business practices, literally, data works in every department of a company. Focus on your core business - and reduce the time spend on putting out fires.


Adhoc Reporting

Have, details, measures, filters and entire visualizations of your disposal as reusable components!

Page Designer

Without any tech knowledge create curated portals for different teams to view - just like intra - team sites!

Predictive Analytics

Apply predictive analytics without having to go through a crash-course in Data Science and Statistics


WebFOCUS integrates with Easelly templates and allows you to present your reports as modern infographics.

BI meets AI

Malia. An AI chatbot that can integrate with your desktop,smartphone or any other digital assistant you own.

Digital Assistance

Malia comprehends natural language and queries your WebFOCUS setup(or any BI tool) to respond in natural language.

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